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What Our Clients Are Saying

I was, quite honestly, dreading the STARS 101 & 102 training due to reports I had heard from others who had taken the training. I have happily told others since my Webinar training with Anna Scaros that they should have taken it as a Webinar with Anna. It was informative, pertinent and Anna was able to offer some insights that were helpful to the entire group, regardless of our years in this field. I have recommended the Webinar to many people in the last several weeks. I am definitely looking to enroll in future trainings with Anna.
— Tina Blatt, Berks County, PA

I enjoyed your training, especially being able to interact with you and all the others that were taking the training. I found it to be helpful and beneficial.
— Mary Ruth Tanner, Throop, PA

I attended my first webinar and was pleasantly surprised with the ease of joining, the information, and the interaction with questions and answers. While taking the webinar I had already made the decision to take more classes with the same instructor as she was very well spoken without any distracting language.
— Leslie Corby Scranton, PA

I learned a lot of valuable information about how the STARS program is changing and what I can do to gain more education. I also loved that Anna Scaros let us know if we had any questions to feel free to contact her. This was very reassuring for me as a teacher.
— Alysia Urban Carlisle, PA